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Sumber Inti Pangan welcomes collaborations with local as well as international partners for technology transfer purposes in the field of research and product development so as to further streamline the company’s business operations. The company’s key strength lies in its research and development capabilities to which it has produced more than 500 products for the F&B industry. As such, in its efforts to adapt to emerging demands for new spices and seasoning products, Sumber Inti Pangan remains committed to engaging in product development and seeking the latest advancements in the field of food processing and sensory analysis as a means to stay ahead of its competition. Furthermore, the company seeks to obtain technology transfer knowledge through the provision of human resource training in order to maintain and further develop its highly-skilled workforce. The company’s human resources stand as the backbone to achieving operational sustainability as well as innovative developments in an increasingly competitive industry.

Technology Transfer

Sumber Inti Pangan is open to partnerships with international companies so as to expand the company’s consumer base in Indonesia and abroad. The company’s longstanding expertise in spices and seasonings manufacturing has resulted in a diverse client portfolio of blue-chip companies. Furthermore, Sumber Inti Pangan has become the supplier of choice to develop international clients’ product range; this is evident from the company’s range of multinational partnerships with clients in Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Through strategic partnerships, Sumber Inti Pangan aims to increase its market reach nationally and globally, as well as promote greater environmental sustainability, by working closely with its farmers regarding environmental sustainability programmes so as to ensure the longevity and inclusive growth of Indonesia’s raw materials within spices.

Mr Gunawan Wibisono

“ In the next ten years, we believe that Indonesia is set to become a paradise for investment given our large domestic market and access to natural resources. ”

Mr Gunawan Wibisono, President Director

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